How do IP UtiliNET's Security Products Protect Your Company?

We converge electronic security with physical security to keep your enterprise business safe from hackers and intruders.


Securing Premises, Property and People with One Solution

IP UtiliNET combines its UtiliSAFE© solution with LANvisn© fiber networks and DSIMpower© to create an all-in-one security solution designed to improve business security on multiple levels. Through tight integration with E-911, UtiliSAFE alerts authorities while simultaneously activating real-time location beacons, surveillance cameras and additional detectors such as shot detectors, burglar alarms and related enhanced security solutions.
Business security extends to the campus level with the addition of IP UtiliNET’s LANvisn fiber networks. The LANvisn Passive Optical Network (PON) campus network, offering 1 Gig of secure connectivity to end users within a 483 square mile radius, eliminates the fragmentation separating your company’s current in-building and campus telephony, burglar alarm, surveillance, access control, and fire monitoring systems by providing an increased level of control not experienced previously. By incorporating LANvisn’s secure, encrypted network, business owners reduce the risk of hacker infiltration while consolidating applications and fragmented cabling systems into easy-to-operate, centrally managed environments.


Your Business is Secure: The UtiliSAFE Solution

When a motion sensor, glass break detector, or shot detector goes off, it causes the security system to issue an alert, and DSIMpower© integrated intelligence brings all lights in the property to full bright while managing the intermittent blink of selected lights for increased property control.


“By implementing IP UtiliNET’s DC-powered lighting solution, the lights don’t go out even if the power does, giving first responders an opportunity to stop crime before it starts.”


Once an action occurs, a 911 call goes to emergency dispatch for “ears on” assessment. As the call is answered, an event tunnel provides dispatch access to in-property surveillance cameras for “eyes on” access. The event tunnel contains an encrypted code for scene commander access and real-time location services for incoming responders, who can then track activity via the surveillance and camera systems. The enhanced system increases situational awareness while enabling onsite officers and other emergency personnel an opportunity to work together to bring in the correct amount of force to address the situation. Site security is improved further through the implementation of analytics and event correlation/decision support systems to assist personnel in making decisions, which can reduce response costs and risk.


Facial Biometric Security Portfolio

IP UtiliNET extends security measures further with its Fusitronics© Facial Biometric Security Solutions portfolio, a multi-modal security system providing the flexibility for secondary security options such as code entry, ID card readers, fingerprint readers and other biometric tools. IP UtiliNET’s security solutions can be applied to secure credentialing, enterprise access, asset management and tracking, loyalty systems and payment systems.

Take the First Step to Improve Your Company’s Security Systems Today

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