Demand Side Home and Business Energy Solutions.

Electricity has been delivered to homes and businesses in much the same way for the past 100 years, and the cost keeps going up.  IP UtiliNET offers a better solution.
IP UtiliNET Energy Services has developed a demand side hybrid energy solution that helps customers reduce maintenance and operating costs by as much as 70 percent. We reduce the amount of demand on grid-supplied power by combining LED lighting with alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) Microgrid technologies. The resulting operating power reductions are within industry recognized National Electric Code standards for AC, while the lighting, data center and building requirements are implemented with 24 volt direct current and 380 volt direct current specifications.

Lighting the Way with LED
The quickest way for existing facilities and homes to gain lighting-related operating power reductions of 70% or better is to migrate to alternating current (AC) based LED solutions. IP UtiliNET lighting specialists will assess your property and current electric billing then make recommendations on migration from an existing catalog of more than 15,000 LED products. Our team provides the assessment, design, implementation, onsite reclamation, energy rebate guidance, and in most cases can obtain 5-year product warranties.




Benefits of Microgrid LED Lighting Systems

  • • Modular buildings can become grid independent
  • • Display cases consume less air conditioning
  • • Improved lighting can increase sales at outdoor venues
  • • Interior design colors “pop” due to enhanced lighting
  • • Student testing results improve due to more natural lighting
  • • Parking lot safety is improved with brighter lighting
  • • Driving conditions are better with LED-lighted roadways, DOT approved
  • • Extended warranties of up to 8 years are available

Building a Cost-Efficent Solution for Business


Retrofit and new build customers can choose to implement hybrid systems that consist of 24 volt direct current (VDC) LED lighting, 24 volt direct current (VDC) ballasts for traditional fluorescent tubes, and traditional alternating current (AC) wall receptacles. In a recently completed facility, IP UtiliNET replaced the required 600 AMP electrical panel with five 20 AMP breakers. Wall switches are no longer necessary as lighting could is controlled by centrally managed software.
DC Microgrid lighting solutions are complemented by data center and in-building 380 VDC distribution systems, making the solution far more cost efficient. Direct Current (DC) systems are planned for Local Area Distributed Energy Resources (LADER©), which means the systems can be classified as power generation or storage facilities as well.

ROI Achieved in Less Than Two Years

Reduced electrical consumption benefits the bottom line by as much as 70 percent resulting in a rapid return on investment, which in most cases occurs less than two years after installation. IP UtiliNET Energy Services provides a wide range of renewable storage and generation solutions that are based on customer budget, need and timing. Contact IP UtiliNET today to determine how we can help you reduce energy costs for your home or business. Contact us at or by calling 678-630-7283.