24/7 Remote Access for Home and Business

The days of wondering whether someone locked the office and turned off the lights are over. With IP UtiliNET’s automation services you remotely control audio, video, lighting, temperature, locks, cameras and security from your desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet.

IP UtiliNET specializes in systems integration enabling management, monitoring, operation and mobile control of LANvisn™ integrated multi-service networks and DSIMpower© Hybrid Energy Solutions on the UtiliWERX©  console. By centralizing systems control on one platform, cost savings are enhanced as power usage and temperature can be adjusted remotely while security settings such as outdoor lighting and alarm systems can be increased, depending on need.


Improve Operational Performance with Digital Signage

Enterprise companies, restaurants, hospitality, retail, airports, and government operations benefit from integrated digital signage. Because signs are electronic, digital signage, active menu boards, wayfinder signage and information kiosks can be modified quickly to reflect changing needs, unique demographics and customer loyalty. Digital signage benefits the business as it can improve operational performance at a lower cost, improve location awareness and increase sales.
Automated services provide intelligent manageability and improved operations capability at a lower cost while benefitting customers with increased convenience and security.


IP UtiliNET Automation Services Include:

• Real-time user interfaces
• Digital Signage and Messaging Services
• Active Menu and Pricing Displays
• Active Shelf Content and Pricing Displays
• Integrated UtiliSAFE© Site Controls and Alerts
• Mobile Computing Technologies
• Barcode and RFID Scanners and Tags